Asia Wisdom offers a wide range of services in all key markets for the global automotive sector.

Logistics for car clinics and drive tests:

• Conception and planning
• Venue search, verification of suitability, booking, facilities and management
• Vehicle sourcing, preparation and logistics
• Lighting
• Screening – hard wall and/or pipe and drape
• Audio / Video services
• 3D projection for “virtual car clinics”
• Technical equipment, including laptops, flat screens, PDAs, iPads, digital projectors/beamers
• Event catering for clients and crew
• Security concepts and realization (staff and equipment)
• Management of other external suppliers such as simultaneous translators, data coding etc.
• Preparation of drive test courses based on the specific questionnaire requirements

Market Research and Fieldwork:

• Recruitment, incentives, management of respondents/target persons
• Quantitative fieldwork: Interviewer teams, questionnaire handling, data entry
• Qualitative research: In depth interviews, focus group discussions, expert interviews

Fly-Ins / Fly-Outs:

• Flight / transfer management – from mini groups up to full size charter planes
• Program framework and local activities (hotels, sightseeing, restaurants, …)
• Hostess and other staff services